M2 is a company formed in order to bring together the disciplines and extraordinary professional experiences of its founders within one strong and successful organization. Its overriding purpose is to create state of the art motor yachts. The vision shared by company founders is to design, develop, and build a complete range of boats that are both technically advanced and aesthetically superior. In so doing, the company seeks to set new standards of both performance and aesthetics for all future catamarans. With backgrounds in offshore performance racing, innovative hull design, marine engineering, cutting edge technology, and precision boat-building, M2 team members are part of a long standing and successful multinational marine tradition. Now, under the M2 brand name, their collective abilities have been optimized at three locations around the world. Manufacturing takes place at Capetown, South Africa. Design is quartered in Canada, and Corporate marketing is headquartered in the U.S.A.


Scott Jutson

With 20 years heading up Jutson Yacht Design of Sydney, Australia, Scott Jutson is notable as the designer of some of the most efficient and beautiful long range power catamarans on the water today.

George Linder

A pioneer in the design of fast ocean racing cats. George is responsible for the revolutionary Chris Cats in the late 80's when he worked as a designer for Chris Craft and has gone on to produce some of the fastest hulls in the game. Linder is currently the Technical Chairman of the American Powerboat Association.

Joe Sullo

Retail marketing and franchise expert, boating advocate Joseph Sullo brings a new dimension to M2 with his keen ability to merchandise and brand market Joe will help M2 gain world recognition. His knowledge of the market and proven track record of success are a welcomed addition.

Paul Mihailides

Well known international developer of real estate, sports, gaming and consumer goods, entrepreneur, Paul Mihailides brings a record of leadership performance in the important areas of marketing, finance, and business development to the M2 management team.

Tom Falcone

Mr. Falcone is a sport fishing enthusiast and owner of high speed luxury and sport fishing yachts, as well as the chairman and owner of Jefferson Financial Services. Mr. Falcone currently sits on several boards including the M2 advisory board. He has many years of experience in marketing, finance, and development and is a complement to the M2 team.