M2 Design

M2 makes custom design and build easy for you. We not only offer you the services of our world class design team but can also manage the build process from quotations through launch. Our project management system provides you with weekly financial reports, order schedules and build documentation as well as a minimum of one weekly conference call between designer, builder, and the client.

M2's 48' Military / Patrol concept.

M2's 57' Pleasure boat concept.

M2's 57' Luxury Sport Fish concept.



M2 has a number of facilities around the globe. We have a proven track record of technical proficiency, creative flare and sound business management skills. If you wish to work with another builder we are happy to integrate our design and management systems into their existing structure.

Our US Facility in Bristol RI.

The M2 21's in production in our Cape Town SA facilty.

The M2 60 hull.


The M2 Brand

Finally, even a custom one off project benefits from branding when it comes time for re-sale. We believe that all our clients will benefit from the active promotion of the M2 brand and our goal is to see those benefits translate into the bottom line for you.

M2 2009 M2 21 displayed at the 2009 Matt Light Celebrity Shootout.
M2 Staff at the 2009 Matt Light Celebrity Shootout.