M2 Motoryachts has introduced a 21 foot power catamaran that uses a revolutionary foil system to increase performance on several fronts. These include: up to a 40% increase in speed; cost savings that result from using smaller engines while keeping speed; improved sea-keeping in rough conditions, smoother ride; increased payload carrying capacity with less speed loss; faster acceleration, better response when turning on foils; drier ride in choppy seas, less wake at higher speed; 20-40% reduction in fuel consumption and 24-40% increase in cruising range.

As the catamaran’s speed increases, its hydrofoil system produces lift forces which partially lift the hulls out of the water thereby reducing the wetted surface. This effect, which is called “dynamic lift” results in higher speed using the same amount of power. Or, where speed is not the goal, one can use smaller engines to achieve fuel savings, increased range, and lower emissions.m2-21

m2-21All of which add up to a more economical and ecologically friendly vessel. The system that is deployed on the asymmetrical hulls of the M2-21 catamaran is entirely below water, has no moving parts, and is virtually maintenance free. It has been extensively tank tested and has been in routine service in hundreds of vessels around the world. Ranging from hi-speed patrol craft to 110 passenger ferryboat, all have proved the advantages beyond any doubt.

The boat’s main foil is manufactured from high tensile steel and the stern foils are cast in aluminum bronze. Together, they form a fixed hydrofoil system which consists of a mainfoil, positioned near the craft’s center and a pair of stern (trim)-foils near the transoms. The result provides automatic dynamic-trim-stabilization through the hydrofoil-surface effect

The crucial feature of this effect is that the lift forces on the hydrofoils decrease as the hydrofoils approach the water surface from beneath.

Testing with different hulls and hydrofoil system combinations have shown that, at high speeds, resistance improvement of up to 45% over other catamarans. The M2-21 is on the water in the U.S. and in full production by M2Motoryachts.

In sea trials in and around Narragansett Bay, these boats have reached well over 50 knots, powered with their optional equipment a single Mercury 150hp Verado. And this has been sustained across angry chop and out into the open sea. Such performance is only made possible by the improved sea keeping and soft riding in waves due to its specially developed catamaran hull shape, which incorporates a double-arc tunnel and spray rails.

Performance tests of the system at high speeds show that these boats are clearly exceptional in their efficiency versus other vessels where water resistance increases considerably as their speed increases.m2-21