The M2 45’ is an asymmetrical planning hydrofoil supported catamaran, capable of speed, efficiency, sea keeping, range and comfort.Combining all these advantages, of the Hysucat Concept with the latest modern and practical styling exterior and interior, places this craft in a league of its own. She is available in a Sport Cruiser as well as a Sport Fishing or an open model. Power plant and drive system options range from 250 hp to 440 hp diesel inboard motors with a choice of `Z' Drive, Jet Propulsion, or Surface Drives. Performance with a pair of 440 hp motors and surface drives will attain speeds well in excess of 50 knots.

Twin 315 hp motors with surface drives will give up to 40 knots with craft weight at approximately 7 tons. At around 12 knots the craft will get onto the hydrofoils. m2-45

m2-45The Hydrofoil supported catamaran is a hybrid of a catamaran hull equipped with a hydrofoil system between the semi-hulls, which carries a part of the crafts weight at speed.

The efficient load carrying capability of the hydrofoil system in combination with the inherent stability and pleasant sea keeping properties of the planing catamaran, results in a most economical high speed surface craft with excellent sea keeping behavior.

The specific hull design is an asymmetrical catamaran hull with a center-pod rounded tunnel. Specially designed spray rails which are incorporated into 24 degree dead rise hulls. The Hysucat Hydrofoil System was developed at the University of Stellenbosch –RSA- .

The system consists of one main wing shaped Hydrofoil

bolted between the keels of the Power Catamaran close to the center of gravity of the vessel, and two stern Hydrofoils mounted in the tunnel near the transom under the waterline.As the Catamaran increases speed, the Hydrofoil system produces lift forces which partially lift the boat out the water and thereby reduce the wetted area of the hull. Due to the fact that the Hydrofoil System carries the weight of the Catamaran more efficiently than the hulls themselves the boat goes faster with the same engine power (20 - 40% faster). It has taken more than 15 years to perfect the shape and the positioning of this Hydrofoil System and all vessels fitted with the system to date have been successful.m2-45