The M2 45’s Hysucat hydrofoil system is hidden underwater, has no moving parts, and is maintenance free. Integral to its hull, the system has been tested and successfully performs daily in the ferocious seas of Cape Town. South Africa. It is in continuing, record setting service on craft ranging in length from 20 to over 200 feet. The M2 45 is part of a sea change for the better in marine performance and efficiency. When underway, its hull design calmly delivers a more pleasurable boating experience that’s flat out fun, whether for sport fishing or family pleasure trips. In these boats, M2 super technology and construction know how to produce an impressive array of proven real world results.

  • Increased top speed with existing engines (by 20 - 40%)
  • Wetted area resistance improvement of up to 45% compared to normal boats in high speed operation
  • Smaller engines can be fitted to reach present top speed
  • Reduced fuel consumption (by 20 - 40%)
  • Increased traveling range (by 20 - 40%)
  • Improved sea keeping in rough seas - due to the dampening effect of the submerged foils
  • Dryer ride in choppy seas, no chine spray.
  • Faster acceleration from one speed to another
  • Increased payload carrying capacity with less speed loss
  • Reduced wake size at speed
  • Increased hull strength (keels being bolted together by the main foil)
  • More responsive when turning at speed foil borne
  • Banks at speed more like a monohull.
  • Low maintenance - no moving parts