In a world where weather systems travel at 15 knots, and most other 60 foot vessels lumber at 12 to 24 knots struggling to stay out of harm’s way, this 60 does over 40 knots to out-power the nastiest of weather conditions. The yacht is the new M2-60 which has been designed and built from the bottom up, by M2Motoryachts, to exert pressure on previously existing performance (and styling) barriers.

It succeeds by pioneering the marine use of today’s most sophisticated and lightweight materials. For example: its carbon epoxy advanced composite chemistry offers up twice the strength at half the weight of predecessor techniques. Advanced marine design and development has put this boat at the cutting edge of prestige yachting. And it has apparently produced one of the best designed, best built, best running deep sea motor yachts on the water. Consider that, on a typical trip, it is 20 to 60% more m2-60

m2-60efficient than anything in its class, beating the addiction to oil and, as importantly, increasing trip range exponentially. The M2-60 also offers more lateral stability due to its steeper degree of hull deadrise. It is quick to plane using decreased power (and fuel) and its innovative hull design cuts more effectively through waves. Wider sponsons produce greater buoyancy and significantly less draft so the boat is not only faster, but has a more stable platform to help keep its equilibrium underway. More load carrying capacity per foot is yet another attribute of its unique design.

With the added attraction of uncompromising opulence, high performance now has a concierge level.

Arriving dockside, this yacht offers a presence that is unmistakably stately. It is classically elegant (a design coup for any cat), and yet sinuously suggestive that its priority is performance. Poised as it is while running, the M2-60 exudes confidence even while completely at rest.

Beyond its long, lean, low “look of luxury performance” exterior, passersby and guests will notice the skilled passion which has been applied to its interior.

Cabins are exceptionally spacious masterpieces of ergonomic convenience. The En-suite layout cabin is bathed in luxuries. Handcrafted elegance abounds. Details are all buffed in leather and wood and built to exquisite fit and finish. Appliance brands speak to well refined tastes for life’s finer things. No detail has been left attended. It is not merely a matter of cosmetics, although cosmetic detail certainly abounds. Those stunning M2 looks result from building techniques that are structurally sound, exquisitely designed and expertly manufactured. This is what commonly produces the instant gut reaction: “wow”. A colloquial tribute to such refinement.

At its most understated, this motor yacht is very easy on very discerning eyes.m2-60